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  • The Lakota Way Stories and Lessons for Living
  • Joseph M. Marshall III
  • English
  • 14 August 2019
  • 9781441718112

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The Lakota Way Stories and Lessons for Living Free download × 0 To the Lakota way of living Winner of the 2004 Audie Award for best inspirational audio. I love learning about the Native American culture and truly believe they had the best thing going They lived in harmony with nature and asked only of it what they needed I m intrigued by their culture prior to the Western invasion and this book gave me another look at a society through another lens through story The author is the reader and he devotes each chapter to a Lakota virtue He tells stories that have been passed on for generations and shares his thoughts about today s society giving insight to the Lakota way of life My heart breaks for their story for the ending is not happy They are still here and this book is a wonderful tribute and lesson on how life on earth was once a very simple and treasured thing

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The Lakota Way Stories and Lessons for Living Free download × 0 Way expresses the heart of Native American philosophy and the twelve ualities crucial. Currently I am taking a class on Native American religions and this was one of the reuired books for the course This is why most of the books I have been reading lately fall under the Native American categoryThe book itself is split into several chapters Each chapter deals with a specific virtue ex humility generosity and uses several tales from the Lakota culture to illustrate the virtue The stories themselves are interesting however it is Marshall s writing that truly makes the stories stand out He really invites the reader to experience the Lakota culture through his writing which is colorful descriptive and poetic While his language is descriptive he also allows the reader to form their own mental images giving each reader a uniue experience Additionally the author really has a way of making it seem like he is sitting near you narrating the story side note I would love to hear these stories read aloud by the author Each chapter ends with a reminder as to why this virtue is importantFor me one of the most moving uotes is the final paragraph which reads each new day is a chance to set the record straight atone for a mistake achieve another victory and take another step on my journey Each new day isa chance to be renewed and reborn another opportunity to be a part of the circle that is life knowing that it is a journey not a race and that one doesn t travel it aloneI highly recommend this book it is than a book it is an experience

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The Lakota Way Stories and Lessons for Living Free download × 0 Rich with storytelling history folklore and the authors personal experiences The Lakota. This was the perfect book to read on my road trip in South Dakota This is philosophy from a non Western society I found it to be beautiful humble and even entertainingI am new to philosophy but I think these traditional Lakota stories would give you a different take than just about anything else out there in the fieldIf you want to learn about how the Lakota ask the eternal uestions how to live a good life how to be a good person how human beings fit into the universe why things are the way that they are etc then I highly recommend it You get a bonus basic overview of Lakota history Also the author tells stories his life and how he gleaned meaning from these traditional stories and used those lessons to examine his own life He briefly shows how a couple of his loved ones did the sameThese traditional stories have lasted for hundreds if not thousands of years for a reason They entertain while they illuminate deep truths And Marshall passes them along to us with great skillI cannot think of any improvement to be made to this book I ll just read by this author