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  • Hardcover
  • 400
  • Musicophilia Tales of Music and the Brain
  • Oliver Sacks
  • English
  • 21 May 2018
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Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Oliver Sacks Review Æ Musicophilia Tales of Music and the Brain ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oliver Sacks Ü 0 Review At he calls “musical misalignments” Among them a man struck by lightning who suddenly desires to become a pianist at the age of forty two; an entire group of children with Williams syndrome who are hypermusical from birth; people with “am This book was interesting I guess Lots of anecdotes about the effect of music on behavior and personality but not enough analysis Sacks usually is of a story teller than a hardcore neuroscientist in his popular book at least in the other two that I ve read by him but in this book he fails to be a good story teller too Too many tidbits and little stories I definitely recommend This Is Your Brain on Music over this book if you re interested in a real scientific analysis of music and our obsession with itEvery time that I read a book by Sacks or something similar I get a depressing feeling of being a slave to my brain It just reinforces the idea that we are our brains You don t need to have any of the weird and often fascinating problems that Sacks patients have Even in us ordinary people our personality and behavior are governed by our brain chemistry and neural connectivity Anatomy is destiny as Freud said if anatomy is to mean brain The positive side is that this way of looking at people can lead to a better understanding and acceptance of others Next time that you encounter someone with an unpleasant personality trait or an annoying behavior or a different outlook to life than yours just remember that he has a different brain organization from yours He s just different from you This helps to accept people and become less judgmental

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Musicophilia Tales of Music and the Brain

Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Oliver Sacks Review Æ Musicophilia Tales of Music and the Brain ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oliver Sacks Ü 0 Review Usia” to whom a symphony sounds like the clattering of pots and pans; and a man whose memory spans only seven seconds for everything but music Illuminating inspiring and utterly unforgettable Musicophilia is Oliver Sacks’ latest masterpiece I was flying forwards Bewildered I looked around I saw my own body on the ground I said to myself Oh shit I m dead I saw people converging on the body I saw a woman she had been standing waiting to use the phone right behind me position herself over my body give it CPR I floated up the stairs my consciousness came with me I saw my kids had the realization that they would be okay Then I was surrounded by a bluish white light an enormous feeling of well being and peace The highest and lowest points of my life raced by me No emotion associated with these pure thought pure ecstacy I had the perception of accelerating being drawn up there was speed and direction Then as I was saying to myself This is the most glorious feeling I have ever had SLAM I was back I will never cease to be amazed by books This above account was given by Tony Cicoria forty two very fit and robust and a well regarded orthopedic surgeon in a small city in upstate New York He survived an experience of being struck by lighning He continued his work but from this time on he had the most incredible need to connect with music He was subseuently divorced and continued with his incredible sudden love for music and compositionI am not religious and I am not a believer as such but I know there is another life after death I cannot describe it It is certainly not faith but a certainty from what I have experienced during the last two years that tells me yes life continues after death Many will believe that I am an absolute idiot but I really don t care We come from nothing but there is no proof about this indeed with birth but we do indeed go to an illustrious futureOliver Sacks has made the most incredible research of people with neurological conditions and all of these case studies are riveting You can literally pick up this book and look at whatever page and find something amazing It is really a remarkable reference book and I was just so enthralled to see individuals with evidently insurmountable problems and yet who managed to overcome these through musicMusic is a wonderful thing and it indeed takes up a large part in our brain and so we must enjoy it Well I do anywayIt was fascinating when Sacks said that there are certain musical pieces that he has to listen to over and over again before he moves on to a new composer I can so relate to that I am on overkill at the moment with Grieg and Sibelius but there are indeed other composers waiting in the wings to enthrall me Music my What else can I possibly sayI absolutely loved this book and continually look at it It is in my library and there to stay

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Read & download ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ü Oliver Sacks Review Æ Musicophilia Tales of Music and the Brain ↠ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Oliver Sacks Ü 0 Review With the same trademark compassion and erudition he brought to The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat Oliver Sacks explores the place music occupies in the brain and how it affects the human condition In Musicophilia he shows us a variety of wh Sacks is for me a perfect meeting of a science writer and a writer of creative non fiction He has an eual interest in telling an affecting human story and with exploring how and why the brain works While lots of science writing is dry and objective as it should be and while mainstream feature writing often ignores the complicated science stuff Sacks is a rare talent who has a penchant for story telling and for explaining the newest research on the brain He doesn t condescend and he doesn t mind forming personal relationships with his subjectsIn Musicophilia Sacks focuses on the mysterious and fascinating connection between music and the brain Through studying musical oddities in patients he hopes we can hope to better understand our greater relationship with music something that although it is universal among cultures doesn t seem to have a clear function or originFor example the book opens with a middle aged man who is struck by lightening He isn t badly hurt but since the accident he s been obsessed with the urge to play the piano He s never really played before or had an interest in music but suddenly he s up all night composing and trying to get better Why has this happened Why is unaffected except for this urge which takes over his life Brain scans show that his left frontal lobe has been damaged and Sacks hypothesizes that the left hemisphere of the brain might actually inhibit the creative and musical right side of the brain Left brain damage might lead to freedom in the right brainThe book moves on from there to cover a huge spectrum of diseases phenomenones and rarities spanning from music therapy for those with dementia and Alzheimer s to people who suffer from musical hallucinations to people with perfect pitch to people with amusica to them music sounds like noise Nabokov suffered from it to musical savants The structures of the chapters are very satisfying to me they start with a story of an individual and then by the end of the segment lead to a general description of the science behind the patient s symptomsOne of the fascinating chapters covers children with William s Syndrome which affects about one out of 10000 people These people who all have strangely elfin features suffer from severe mental disabilities they can t ad 5 3 they can t draw a suare they can t tie their shoes They have Is around 60 However they also tend to be very verbal very social and exceptionally musical Most have perfect pitch and start composing as toddlers Unlike some cases of severe autism who show a mechanical and isolated musical talent patients with William s Syndrome love to play music in groups within a community Sacks visits a camp for children with William s Syndrome which is a constant drum circle sing along and musical wrapped up in oneAs in all of his tales Sacks is sure to find the hope and humanity in even the most difficult patients One man an amnesiac who has a short term memory of only a few seconds can only stay present within himself while he plays the pianoMore importantly Sacks doesn t see his patients as freaks or abnormalities who are simply interesting to read about but rather as windows into how we can collectively understand how we function In Musicophilia I was truly moved by what I read both by the humanity of the patients and by the awesomeness of the science