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SUMMARY í Michelle Obama Ago law firm Michelle first gained entry to the public eye when she adopted a front line supporting role during her husband's presidential campaign She would make keynote addresses and freuently handle the media while balancing her commitments as a mom During the campaign Michelle would make sure that she returned home in time to take care of her two daughters Malia and Sasha Taking this approach has allowed Michelle to become an icon for women everywhere particularly moms EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Since the beginning of 2012 Michelle Obama and her family have faced a vital year for the family This is the year where her husband will campaign for his second term in office and as such their family image has been closely scrutinized In recent months Michelle has continued with her family life as well as the campaigns that are true to her heart Michelle has recently been uick to pro


Michelle Obama

SUMMARY í Michelle Obama Mote the same causes as her husband and as such she has been vocal in encouraging the rich to spread their wealth She has uestioned why families who earn a lot of money can feel good when others continue to struggle In a public address Michelle said If a family in this country is struggling we cannot be satisfied with our own families' good fortune Michelle has also begun to take her health campaigning to the next level by launching a campaign that is targeted specifically at the Latino population of the USA Mi Plato My Plate is a bilingual educational campaign that encourages those who reside within the Latino community to make better choices about what they eat Buy a copy to keep reading CHAPTER OUTLINEBiography of Michelle Obama Introduction Michelle Obama's Background and Upbringing Michelle Obama's Major Accomplishments and Awards Michelle Obama’s Personal Life and mu

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SUMMARY í Michelle Obama ABOUT THE BOOK Michelle Obama is most famously known as America's First Lady Her entrance into the public eye came as a result of her husband's role in politics and his successful 2009 presidential election campaign Not only is Michelle the first African American first lady she is also renowned for her role as a mother philanthropist and for her fashion sense Although it was becoming the first lady that made her well known world wide she has since become an icon in her own right Born in Chicago to a family that struggled financially Michelle Obama displayed academic promise from a young age It was through a combination of her mother's determination to make her daughter's life better and Michelle's natural intelligence that allowed her to progress on to Princeton University Thanks to later becoming a lawyer she met her husband President Barack Obama through a prestigious Chic

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