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  • 25 May 2018
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Summary ´ Ruffles and Lace Izes that Warren can be a very stern man From spankings to diapering he knows how to punish her She endures those little humiliations as best she can but when their weekend comes to an end Amy will have to decide if this game should come to an end Or can she become his baby girl permanently Publisher’s Note This 24000 word story contains explicit content which some readers may find objectionable This novella contains age play imagery between consenting adults Themes of male domination diapering and mild humiliation are also present.

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Summary ´ Ruffles and Lace Meet Amy and Warren Amy is a beautiful girl who is stuck in a dead end job She works in a call center to pay her bills but she has a secret fantasy Whenever she goes home she puts on frilly dresses and pretends she has a daddy a strong man who will take care of her and discipline her when necessary She doesn't know it but Amy is about to meet Warren Together they're going to embark on a very special kind of relationship After she gets drunk at a company party he takes her back to his place He can sense the childishness within her as.

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Summary ´ Ruffles and Lace Well as Amy’s desire to surrender She doesn't want to be an adult She doesn't want the burden of maturity so he offers her a weekend as his little girl Amy accepts knowing exactly what this will entail So long as she is his little girl she will have to behave In his house his word is law He will dress her and feed her As her daddy Warren will decide when she needs to take her naps and when it is time to play Essentially he will completely control her life At first it is easy but when she starts to get up to mischief Amy uickly real.