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  • 380
  • The Horde Without End The World Without End #2
  • Nazarea Andrews
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  • 14 September 2018
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Free read The Horde Without End The World Without End #2 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Eadcrumbs Tiny clues But what are a few tiny clues in a world of the dead Nurrin is desperate to find her brother but that will mean trusting Finn O'Malley A man shrouded in secrets who ki. In book two Finn and Nurrin are trying to track down her brother Collin and her boyfriend Dustin One clue left behind in their cave sets them on a path to a new Haven and each place they come to sends them on another clue They only have each other to trust and that s easier said than done considering 1 Finn has too many secrets to count and still won t answer uestions 2 Nurrin hates Finn and 3 The chemistry between Nurrin and Finn is almost than she can manageBook two is told in alternating POV s between Finn and Nurrin We finally get to learn a few secrets that Finn has which was satisfying Though not as sexually charged as book one they are still fighting their growing attraction towards one another Finn has promised to keep Nurrin and her brother safe at all costs He doesn t do relationships and he knows Collin would never want him to be involved with his sister The fact that Nurrin hates Finn helps but as she grows to trust him she also becomes somewhat confused about her attraction to himThis book had uite a few grammatical errors I don t remember book one being that way That s always frustrating to see in a finished copy Where book one was fast paced I found book two to be a bit slower perhaps because they aren t so much running from zombies though the zombies behavior patterns are changing as they are going from Haven to Haven trying to find Collin and DustinBottom line I WANT MORE FINN AND NURRIN As in the words of a popular AtT commercial We want We want Check out my review of book one The World Without a Future Favorite uotes Finn would move heaven and earth and face a horde alone to find Collin Which means he is the only person I want helping me I will go to hell a thousand times over to have this woman in my arms for even a fraction of a momentFinal Rating 4 starsThis review is also posted HERE

Free read The Horde Without End The World Without End #2The Horde Without End The World Without End #2

Free read The Horde Without End The World Without End #2 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Lls as easily as breathing And the she learns about him the uestions she has But she has learned one thing the zombies are changing Adapting And this time the Haven walls won't keep them o. I received a review copy of this book for my stop on the blog tour at Donnie Darko Girl The Horde Without End went by so uickly for me After that cliffhanger ending in the first book I was desperate to find out what was going to happen next and read this cover to cover in one sitting staying up late into the night I couldn t put it down not even for sleep Ren and Finn set out to find Ren s brother Collin and their friend Dustin They follow a trail of breadcrumbs Collin has tried to leave for them causing them to run into not only zombies but also gangs of people roaming the outside They have to deal with the people living in the Havens Not only that but the zombies are changing and adapting finding new ways to survive My only issue with the story which is completely based on my own personal tastes and might not necessarily affect other readers is that Ren insists on asking Finn uestions he refuses to answer This guy is a closed book and I thought he d crack by now honestly I think I d probably give up But Ren isn t someone who uits and I do admire that about her He does reveal of himself in this book than in the first and there s to him than I imagined The chemistry between Ren and Finn is off the charts hot The further they try to push each other away the crazier the attraction makes them I remember thinking in the beginning of the first book that Finn wasn t going to have a big role in this series but I was wrong and am glad I was wrong Ren and Finn work together like a team without having to communicate they can read each other in dangerous situations which works to their advantage than once Together they seem to be unstoppable Between the search for Ren s brother and Dustin the chemistry between Ren and Finn and the curiously changing nature of the zombies I was hooked The Horde Without End is a terrific follow up to its predecessor and I m excited for the next installment

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Free read The Horde Without End The World Without End #2 ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB It was supposed to be over Returning from Haven 18 was supposed to be the end But nothing is ever easy and in a world full of zombies finding the missing is next to impossible There are br. Full review can be found at My ThoughtsI ve already told Mrs Andrews this so I ll go ahead and tell you all as well I hate zombies I don t like zombie movies I don t do zombie books In fact I kind of think the whole zombie apocalypse thing has gotten a little out of hand and needs to go away It s everywhere and I have never really understood it My motto when it comes to zombies has always been why mess with the living dead when you can mess with the un dead because lets face it vampires are way cooler than zombies Well I have to say that The World Without a Future and now The Horde Without End have definitely caused me to bite my tongue I loved book one but surely Nazarea wouldn t strike gold twice WRONGHoly hell guys I LOVED book two Horde was everything I wanted and then some I could not stop reading This was one of those you better hope you have the whole day free because once you start you wont stop kind of reads Wow Just wow I didn t even want to stop for bathroom breaks when I was flying through this Nazarea had my fully and undivided attention the entire time I said a few lines I d like to repeat from my review of book one because I think that are eually as important here Our story is one that is thrilling and honestly scary as hell Unlike other post apocalypse worlds Andrews doesn t paint a pretty picture filled with a whole lot of hope for the future It s nasty it s deadly and it s scary Terrifying I can see where Andrews has gotten some of her ideas based on her self proclaimed love of zombies but she definitely puts her own twist on it Unlike other novels this series was not about fighting off the zombies it was about surviving a world with zombies The inhabitants of the Havens new cities know their chances are slim and are just doing what they can to survive Often their attempts are in vain as Havens have begun to fall Now Nurrin and Finn are on a wild adventure to find Dustin and Collin after discovering they weren t at the cave where we left them in book one From what s left of Vegas to the sights and sounds of the glamorous Haven One Nurrin and Finn meet a few awesome characters on their journey including Kendall Buchman President of whatever is left of the United States Buchman is such an interesting character that keeps you guessing until the end He was a great addition to this series There are a few really emotional scenes that made me fall in love all over again with Nazarea s writing It s so real that you feel like you could reach out and comfort the characters yourself That s how close I got to them in just shy of 200 pages Seriously Great second outing NazareaSpoiler free BUT I just have to say HOLY ZOMBIE HELL that ending How do you expect us to wait for book 3 after throwing that cliffhanger at us Nazarea I have to know what happens to the gang Also let me just say that while I still am not a huge Finn fan he did redeem himself considerably by the time Horde ended I guess I will just have to wait for book 3 to make my final thoughts know uestion for Nazarea does anybody know how many books are going to be in this series Because I could read at least ten Just saying As an NA book this worked PERFECT The language is very gritty and can be vulgar at times as with any NA novel Just a warning that this is not a read for children or teens The novel actually only has a couple of true sex scenes which is good for people like me who get tired of reading them all the time BUT the novel had lots of sexual tension and than a few extremely steamy moments Overall though they were very well written and developed the characters immensely This book is written in dual POV split into 4 parts Hearing both characters take on the scenes was particularly interesting I LOVE NA and I am so glad I read this because it gives me new hope for the future of the genre Thank you Nazarea Andrews for that Overall I give Horde two HUGE thumbs up and 45 stars Seriously an amazing read that will definitely be making it s mark on my Best Reads of 2014 list