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  • Paperback
  • 40
  • Moon Jump
  • Aviva Gittle
  • en
  • 13 March 2019
  • 9781494255602

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Read Moon Jump Aviva Gittle ↠ 0 Free read Moon Jump Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Timmy's teacher challenges him to find the hidden treasure on the moon and draw a picture of it His prize A flying model rocket kit Mr Garcia meant that Timmy should look it up on the Internet or ask his. Moon Jump The Boy Who Bounced to the Moon will spark a child s imagination Timmy s teacher tells him there s a treasure on the moon so he tries everything he can find a way to get there He even learns how to knit so he can knit rubber bands together for a trampoline that he ll use to bounce to the moon Timmy is determined to find a way to reach the moon so he can explore it The illustrations compliment this well written story and the uestions at the end of each chapter will stimulate young minds I highly recommend this book

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Read Moon Jump Aviva Gittle ↠ 0 Free read Moon Jump Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook First Chapter Book series The story is split up into small chapters but still has plenty of pictures to delight the new reader Perfect to read to your child or for the new reader to enjoy on his or her ow. Reviewed by Michelle Stanley for Readers FavoriteMoon Jump The Boy Who Jumped to the Moon is a nice fantasy by Aviva Gittle and Mark Megson Timmy enjoys learning about the moon His teacher Mr Garcia tells him that the moon contains a great treasure If Timmy finds it Mr Garcia will give him a flying model rocket kit He is inspired to build a bouncy contraption that will send him to the moon He asks his mother to teach him knitting and tells shopkeepers about his plans They laugh in disbelief but still donate old rubber bands fan belts and bungee cords Timmy stays up late working on his invention and knits a large rubbery blanket that is bouncy He puts on his space suit and packs a bag with food an umbrella crayons and a sketch pad Timmy jumps on the bouncy blanket which tosses him into space and he lands on the moon What he discovers there is so amazing that he draws pictures with his crayons to show everyone Dreams can come true if you believe in yourself Moon Jump The Boy Who Jumped to the Moon shows how determined Jimmy was to achieve the impossible when others mocked him Aviva Gittle and Mark Megson wrote a pleasant story with a good moral The book contains an activity section where kids can colour the illustrations while describing the invention they will make to take them to the moon Moon Jump has about forty pages so it does not take long to read this book which has lovely colourful artwork

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Read Moon Jump Aviva Gittle ↠ 0 Free read Moon Jump Download µ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Parents Instead Timmy hatches a crazy scheme to bounce to the moon It just might work Bounce along with Timmy on his great galactic adventure Moon Jump is the first book in the Aviva Gittle Publishing My. Fun uick read for kids of all ages Timmy is fascinated by the moon and as he tries innovative ways to try and get there readers get to join along for the ride I think a lot of kids are going to enjoy this story that helps stretch the imagination and have some funThe pictures are well done and the story is written to keep readers glued to the pages