[PDF/EBOOK] The Anatomy of Dance Discourse By Karin Schlapbach

  • Hardcover
  • 352
  • The Anatomy of Dance Discourse
  • Karin Schlapbach
  • en
  • 12 March 2018
  • 9780198807728

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review Ö The Anatomy of Dance Discourse Nature of dance sparked highly sophisticated reflections on the relationship between dance and meaning in the ancient world and the volume defends the novel claim that in the imperial period it became and palpable that dance unlike painting or sculpture could be representational or not a performance of nothing but itself It argues that dance was understood as a practice in which human beings whether as dancers or spectators are confronted with the irreducible reality of their own physical existence which is constantly changing and that its way to cognition and action is physical experienc.

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review Ö The Anatomy of Dance Discourse Period the first delves deeply into an examination of how both philosophical and literary treatments of dance interacted with other areas of cultural expression whether language and poetry rhetoric and art or philosophy and religion Its distinctive contribution lies in this juxtaposition of ancient theorizations of dance and philosophical analyses of the medium with literary depictions of dance scenes and performances and it attends not only to the highly encoded genre of pantomime which dominated the stage in the Roman empire but also to acrobatic non representational dances This twofold.

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review Ö The Anatomy of Dance Discourse Within the newly thriving field of ancient Greek and Roman performance and dance studies The Anatomy of Dance Discourse offers a fresh and original perspective on ancient perceptions of dance Focusing on the second century CE it provides an overview of the dance discourse of this period and explores the conceptualization of dance across an array of different texts from Plutarch and Lucian of Samosata to the apocryphal Acts of John Longus and ApuleiusThe volume is divided into two Parts while the second Part discusses ekphraseis of dance performance in prose and poetry of the Roman imperial.

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