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  • Hardcover
  • 80
  • Furry Logic: A Guide to Life's Little Challenges
  • Jane Seabrook
  • English
  • 03 December 2019
  • 9781580085694

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READ & DOWNLOAD ê Furry Logic: A Guide to Life's Little Challenges Th me it means you haven't been listening” and “You'll always be my best friend you know too much” go a long way toward banishing the blahs and shaking off the blues Designer and illustrator Jane Seabrook's 40 universally appealing paintings of birds bears penguins chipmunks frogs baboons and are rendered in delicate and biologically accurate detail using a tiny sable brush with. Furry Logic Guide To Life s Little Challenges by Jane SeabrookMy rating 3 of 5 starsMore infoAuthor bioI gotta say this book was cute but not really what I was expecting I m not sure why but I thought it d be like comic strips then a picture and a small uote type saying This is really only a one time read and a very uick one at that Some of the uotes made me laugh and the pictures were cute It ll make a cute coffee table book or even something you and your animal friends can pass around and get a smile from I received this book from Blogging for Books for this reviewView all my reviews

SUMMARY Furry Logic: A Guide to Life's Little ChallengesFurry Logic: A Guide to Life's Little Challenges

READ & DOWNLOAD ê Furry Logic: A Guide to Life's Little Challenges Guaranteed to coax a smile from the grumpiest of grumps FURRY LOGIC is a charming little book with a big heart and sly humor Exuisitely detailed watercolor paintings depicting animals caught up in the joy and drudgery of life are paired with old adages given a new spin for our times Tender thoughts such as “Smile first thing in the morning get it over with” “If you don't agree wi. Just for the record I don t do chotskies whether we re talking miniature books or little china figurines When the recipient over the years of such ill conceived gifts I have usually responded by discretely discarding them during one of my periodic ascetic purgesSo it is that despite its adorable illustrations and pithy insights into the human condition I never once considered buying a copy of this little book I did I must confess spend some enjoyable moments paging through it while at work at my local college town bookstore and it always brought a smile to my face When I saw a copy at a going out of business sale recently I thought Why not Every rule has its exceptionAnd there you are Some of my favorites insightillustration pairs the shell shocked meercat who insists I m NOT tense Just terribly terribly alert the disgruntled owl who grumbles Smile first thing in the morning Get it over with and of course the camel who wants to know Do you believe in love at first sight Or should I walk past againWhat can I say I giggle every time I read this book


READ & DOWNLOAD ê Furry Logic: A Guide to Life's Little Challenges A single hair at its tip In the spirit of international best seller The Blue Day Book FURRY LOGIC speaks to the human condition in a way we can all relate to and feel good aboutA humorous collection of uotes and drawings that turns life's little challenges into opportunities for laughterAn ideal gift for Mother's or Father's Day birthdays graduations anniversaries or for no reason at a. My faavorite I would be unstoppable if I could just get started