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  • Hardcover
  • 688
  • Rumo Die Wunder im Dunkeln
  • Walter Moers
  • English
  • 06 November 2017
  • 9781585677252

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Download ✓ Rumo Die Wunder im Dunkeln ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF E fights his way across Overworld and Netherworld two very different realms chock full of adventures dangers and unforgettable characters Rala the beautiful girl Wolperting who cultivates a hazardous relationship with death; Urs of the Snows who thinks of cooking than of fighting; Gornab the Ninety Ninth the demented king of Netherworld; Professor Ostafan Kolibri who goes in search of the Non Existent Teenies; General. Rumo the wonder pup is named after a card game If I had to choose a card game name for myself I would go with Solitaire Not as catchy of course but maybe going by a shortened version of the name instead might improve it a littleTHEM How is the girl book cave treating you Solly ME Not a cave built for two friend move along Sounds perfect to meBACK TO THE REVIEWRumo the wonder pup is a Wolperting but it took him a while to learn this fact because like my favorite Bluebear from another Zamonia story Rumo s first memory is of just existing Thankfully this existence has placed him in the arms of a caring adoptive farm family But what kind of story would it be if things stayed safe and happy Thus begins a journey that lands Rumo in numerous situations that have zero learning curves Think fast or be eaten alive would be the motto of this fantastical story of imaginary critters in imaginary landsWHY I LOVED ITRead the paragra

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Download ✓ Rumo Die Wunder im Dunkeln ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ticktock the evil commander of the Copper Killers; Ushan DeLucca the finest and most weather sensitive swordsman in Zamonia; Volzotan Smyke the corpulent Shark Grub; Rolv of the Forest a Wolperting who can pass through the White Fire; Yggdra Syl the guardian of the Nurn Forest and its talkative animals; Professor Abdullah Nightingale inventor of the Chest of Drawers Oracle; and the worst of luck the deadly Metal Maiden. I picked this book up on a whim from the local used book store A walking talking wolf thing wielding a dandelion knife possessed by a demon just sounded fun The blurb stating the book was eual parts JK Rowling Douglas Adams and Shell Silverstein seemed a little hard to live up to but it was interesting praise none the less When I looked on goodreads and saw an average rating of over 4 stars I was sold I m a bit sad to say that the book didn t live up to the four star rating the high praise or my expectations That s not to say it was bad but it was nowhere near brilliant Rumo that main characters is among the most dull flat and uninteresting main characters I ve ever read His assertion that he s bad with words and only good at fighting is valid As I was reading I kept going to find out what what happen to some of the other interesting or dynamic characters Rumo himself was just the vehicle to get me there The other characters were good f

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Download ✓ Rumo Die Wunder im Dunkeln ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF From the author of the cult classic The 13 12 Lives of Captain Bluebear comes another fantastical journey into Zamonia This captivating story from the uniue imagination of Moers is astonishingly inventive amusing and engrossingRumo is a little Wolperting a domesticated creature somewhere between a deer and a dog who will one day become the greatest hero in the history of Zamonia Armed with Dandelion his talking sword h. I completely disagree with the Washington Post Rumo is no mash up of RowlingDouglas AdamsShel Silverstein nor is it silly Moers is like no one else I ve ever read I think I can safely say that he stands alone in his style of writing This particular novel has plotline than previous ones I ve read and yes it was too long but it was too much of a good thing which is better than too much of a bad thing Everyone has got to try reading a Moers book at least once he is so fabulously inventive and uirky that it restores my goodwill towards humanity Rumo is uite bloody and violent which doesn t seem to help it as a children s book however kids can be uite bloodthirsty beings and enjoy fantasy battles immensely without mixing them up with real life sobe warned but don t deprive them of the wonder eitherIt s lines like these that endear me to Rumo Rice grain literature Rice grain literature Whole novels inscribed by Bonsai Mites on grains of cre