The Backslider (PDF epub) by Levi S. Peterson

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  • The Backslider
  • Levi S. Peterson
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  • 23 October 2019
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review The Backslider review The Backslider 107 Ness makes for comic painful and moving scenariosFor instance he punishes himself for lapses of self denial by fasting and tying his hands to the bedpost He comes to see dating as an evil indulgence in sensual fantasy and his work on the ranch as a tool of avarice His attempt to exorcise this hypocrisy and the confusion about how to atone for it result in an epiphany that restores euilibrium to the world. This is the only good Mormon novel I ve ever read It is great literature pure and simple Mormon or not Probably the only important Mormon novel that you absolutely must read Must Don t forget his short stories as well

review The Backslider

The Backslider

review The Backslider review The Backslider 107 Mark in Mormon fiction the first novel to consider the ubiuitous tension between religious guilt and sexual frustrationSet against the backdrop of southern Utah's canyon country the protagonist manifests exuberance and innocence that is constrained only by strict moral education The sometimes humorous sometimes tragic posturing reuired of Frank in concealing his humanity behind a mask of forced righteous. It took me a while to understand where this book was going I came into it with zero background on the book reading it for an online book club The book lays out male sexuality without any softening of the edges It hits on the crazy LDS asceticism concepts and does so in a way that pisses you off to the point of wanting to scream I could find identification in many of the characters and their uirks either in my own self or in people I know from my family or circle of friends Really God wants us to castigate ourselves for our own human tendencies and wants and desires He wants us to suffer for the sake of showing that we can take it He wants us to NOT enjoy the little things in this life that are pure joy and happiness and that are fulfilling and edifying Levi Peterson shows us the insanity in that kind of thinkingLastly the cowboy Jesus aspect of the book hinted at something less than respectful of Christ but once it unfolded in the last chapter I was touched I felt that Christ truly was a friend a brother an sympathetic and loving soul that was patient in his observance of Frank s struggles but also critical yet again patient with those who interpreted their faith to be an exercise in self deprecationI really really recommend the book

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review The Backslider review The Backslider 107 Frank Windham is a Mormon cowboy hard working trying to be honest convinced he is going to hell for incurable lust and convinced that he deserves to He has an ultra pious mother a brother who is than just a little touched in the head and a comfortable Lutheran girlfriend who knows she has been saved This is a story about sin and salvation written with raunchiness and reverence It is an extraordinary land. One of the most fiercely Mormon novels I have ever read A brilliant invocation of an older wilder Mormonism that I am not really conversant with It examines the idea of guilt and grace and it has one of the most marvelous theophanies I have ever read in fiction However it does not shrink from swearing or sexual content relatively mild by modern standards but shocking in the world of LDS literature If you don t think that the sensitive materials will offend you then I recommend it HIGHLY