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New Zealand (National Geographic Adventure Map, 3500) Free download ´ 104 Waterfalls and hot springs In addition to this special content the map also includes an index with the locations of cities and towns and a clearly marked road network complete with distances and designations for for roads and highways as well as secondary routes for those seeking to travel off the beaten path The map covers the North and South Islands Stewart Island and inset maps show many of the numerous outlying islands including Chatham Campbell Antipodes Kermadec and Auckland Islands The North Island map includes Auckland Bay of Isla. With the North Island on one side and the South Island on the other it has plenty of detail for those planning a road trip in New Zealand The scale is 1 inch to 17 miles 11100000 Lakes rivers and mountains and contour lines are printed on the map in addition to the roads towns and cities It s easy to read and is printed on a really tough material that can handle a lot of folding and unfolding There are no inset maps detailing any of the cities but this a great map for getting the big picture Nice job National Geographic

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New Zealand (National Geographic Adventure Map, 3500) Free download ´ 104 Waterproof Tear Resistant Travel MapNational Geographic's New Zealand Adventure Map is an expertly researched comprehensive map designed to meet the needs of adventure travelers With accurate and detailed information of the area the map pinpoints hundreds of diverse and uniue recreational ecological cultural and historic destinations including many lesser known ones This information is not available in traditional road maps such as areas for camping surfing skiing playing golf and fishing as well as airports and airfields harbors beaches. The map itself was ok but there an app called Rankers that has all different types of camping grocery store locations free activities It s a free app and once you down load everything on it it works through gps when you don t have WiFi or cell service Once I downloaded Rankers this map was useless

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New Zealand (National Geographic Adventure Map, 3500) Free download ´ 104 Nds The Coromandel and Waitomo Caves while the South Island map includes such popular destinations as Mount Cook National Park and the Southern Alps Milford Sound Abel Tasman National Park All this information makes the map a perfect companion to National Geographic's New Zealand Traveler's Guide or any other guidebook Every Adventure Map is printed on durable synthetic paper making them waterproof tear resistant and tough capable of withstanding the rigors of international travel Map Scale 11100000Sheet Size 255 x 3775Folded Size 425 x 9. We bombed around the South Island for three weeks using only this map and never got lost The only complaint I have is that we encountered several places where the map showed campsites that didn t exist after searching high and low and checking with locals The substrate is soft waterproof and always easy to return to a folded position This was a nice change from a lot of maps that seem impossible to get back to the correct folded position I even abused the map a lot by folding it in odd ways to show only the area in which I was travelling but the map always bounced back from all of that abuse